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Pro Nautisme Junior Sailing School Season 2022

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Seasonal Sailing Lessons & Summer Camps
from 7 to 18 years old

Playful, Dynamic, Fantastic


Seasonal weekly sailing lessons
from April 27 to October 16, 2022

Since 2020, Pro Nautisme has offered children and teenagers the opportunity to practice crewed sailing on various supports: dinghy, catamaran or keelboat.

Their instructor supervises the lessons from one of the sailboats. Depending on the wind and weather conditions, the children are on their own or in the company of the instructor. The support(s) chosen will allow you to evolve in complete safety in the bay of Bouveret and its surroundings.

From the preparation of the boat and the briefing on land before launching to leaving the port, nothing is guaranteed in advance!

The pleasure and progress will depend closely on the motivation of the students and their ability to collaborate and organize themselves so that their boat follows the route indicated by the instructor. The aim of the courses is to develop the seamanship of our young recruits to bring them little by little to the greatest possible autonomy. The number of groups is a maximum of 6 students in order to guarantee each time the possibility of sailing together on the keelboat with the instructor in the event of too strong a wind for the dinghy.


The diversity of the materials used and the teaching methods will prepare the most persevering to later pass their sailing license with very good basics on the operation of the sailboat, the various maneuvers and settings. Their different knowledges as well as their physical aptitudes will be improved and they will get a good perception of the environment of the bight of Bouveret.

Summer Camps from July 25 to August 14, 2022

Léman Croisière Pro Nautisme 2022


The port, the bay, the mouth of the Rhône, the nearby Grangettes nature reserve ... Lake Geneva in general and the Bay of Bouveret in particular constitute an ideal environment for our summer camps.

The practice of soft nautical supports (sailing, oar) allows you to evolve within a rich fauna and flora that children will discover while practicing. Our approach to nautical practice is eco-responsible and we will therefore educate children so that they respect and preserve their environment.


We will take care to give meaning to learning and place the child at the center of this learning process by encouraging him to experiment, seek, touch, feel ...

On the other hand, group life makes it possible to socialize the child. We strive to develop his autonomy and value his progress, the goal is to allow him to flourish and teach him to adapt to the constraints of the environment in which he evolves.


Your Instructor, Pierre Jalaber, has held the French State Certificate in Sailing Sports Educator since 2002 and Swiss Youth & Sport Monitor since 2009. He regularly participates in the advanced courses required by Jeunesse et Sport.

Our first objective: learn while having fun ! The children who are starting out will be guided and put in a situation of success and we will be attentive so that all the children adhere to the proposed activity projects. We will try to adapt to the rhythm of each.

The safety of participants is our priority at all times. The navigations will be adapted according to the weather conditions and the possibilities of each.

 Boat and Nature & Discovery Camp
Ready to tack sailors!!!

Open to children from 8 to 12 years old / 6 places / from Monday July 25 to Friday July 29 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. / Picnic to be provided / Life jackets provided

Gentle, playful and progressive approach to the basics of navigation. Come and exert yourself on the water and explore the bay of Bouveret and its surroundings. From port to beach, adventures guaranteed with a variety of nautical activities and a great sailing expedition.

Pack your backpack, don't forget your binoculars, your shoes, your cap and your glasses, your water bottle and your picnic. In case of bad weather, manual activities, crafts and videos in our local on land.

1 place left

450.- the week 
5% reduction for the joint registration of two children

Active Nautical Camp

Cast off the moorings !!!

Open to children from 12 to 16 years old / 6 places / from Monday August 1st to Friday August 5th. From 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. / Picnic to be provided / Life jackets provided

For more independent children who already have a good foundation in sailing and wish to exert themselves during a dynamic and formative week.

5 days to practice different supports according to the weather and your desires: J80, Stand Up Paddle, Kayak, light sailing in a catamaran and dinghy... A sailing and tree climbing expedition in Saint-Gingolph and a great day of exploration towards a still unknown destination.


In reserve of course manual activities, video supports and technology in our premises in case of bad weather.


450.- the week 
5% reduction for the joint registration of two children

Croisière Junior

Junior Lake Cruise 2022
The sea air is calling us!!!

Depart Tuesday August 9, return Sunday August 14 at noon.

6 places / Children from 14 to 18 years old / Hanse 411 cruising sailboat (12 meters)

5.5 days and 5 nights on board / refueling included in the price of the cruise

Come and experience an unforgettable holiday with friends. Aboard the Blue Boléro for a week of stopovers and adventures on Lake Geneva.  


Plan the route, hoist the sails and play with the wind, maneuver in the ports, enjoy the wind and the sun, prepare the meals on board or choose the restaurant for the next stopover.


Take a swimming break before dinner, settle in at anchor in enchanting landscapes and take the time to live, intensely!


650.- per week 
5% reduction for the joint registration of two children

  "If the courses or the camps interest you, I invite you to call me to discuss your expectations, I would be happy to guide you for the registration of your children and to inform you about the operation of the courses"               

                                                                         Pierre Jalaber

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