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Embark on one of the boats in the fleet and benefit from our experience of cruises at sea and on the Lake.

Depending on your budget we can offer you different possibilities and find together the program and the boat that best meets your expectations.

HANSE 411 " Blue Boléro " :

Beautiful comfortable and fast cruising sailboat


Outing with skipper 300.- / hour

(Lower prices according volume booked)

Croisière avec Blue Boléro
Départ Blue Boléro Station Nautique Bouv
En route Blue Boléro Cockpit
Sous voiles au près - Pro Nautisme
Aperçu cabine avant
Blue Boléro Bon Plein
cabine arrière
Intérieur Hanse 411
Table à carte
sieste aérée
chambre double avant
Blue Boléro à quai


Steering wheel

Capacity 8 people

Length: 12.35 m

Beam: 4.05 m

Draft: 2 m

Displacement: 9.7 tonnes

Main sail 50 m2

Genoa 55 m2

Self-tracking jib 31.50 m2

Spinnaker 125 m2

Yanmar 56 HP diesel engine

Ideal for a cruise over a weekend or several days. From Haut Lac to Geneva via Lavaux and the French coasts, discover the hidden treasures of the Lake.


Comfortable both inside and outside, this boat with clean lines arouses the admiration of passers-by. Let yourself be conquered by the pleasure of steering this Rolls Royce of the seas. It is stable and fast in the wind.

Do not wait any longer and book with us a tailor-made stay on Lake Geneva.


We can also organize half-day to full-day outings. If you wish it is possible to collect you from the port of your choice (except limited access). Contact us and we will offer you a program adapted to your expectations.

J-Boats 80 " Jangada ":

Sensitive and fast sport keelboat with clean deck and spacious cockpit


Outing with skipper, 140.- / hour

(Lower prices according volume booked)

J 80

The "Jangada" belongs to the ASA Valais association. This association allows people with mental disabilities to better integrate into society through multiple activities. Sailing is one of these activities. By participating in an outing with "Jangada", you support the ASA sailing activity which allows a group of 8 people to sail throughout the season on the boat. Pro Nautisme has been mandated by ASA Valais for this activity since 2012.

Jangada au port
J80 sous voile au près
Voile couché du soleil
J80 Bouveret Cup 3
Sortie apéro baignade 1
Sortie apéro baignade 2
Sortie apéro baignade 3
Jangada ASA Chablaisienne
Sortie détente
Jangada camp été
pause à la cape
sortie avril reprise
Couché du soleil
Jangada à quai Saint Gingolph



Capacity 8 people

Length: 8m

Width: 2.50 m

Draft: 1.5 m

Displacement: 1450 kg

Main sail 21 m2

Genoa 20 m2

Solent 15 m2

Asymmetrical spinnaker 65 m2

Yamaha Outboard Engine

Created by Rod Johnston, The J80 is a sailboat used for racing at sea and on closed water. If it is swift and sporty in the wind, it still remains an ideal support for a discovery outing with friends or family. With a spacious cockpit and a clear deck, it will make you happy to glide along the water.


Easy to handle, very sensitive to the bar, the youngest as the old, the novices as the connoisseurs will take pleasure in piloting it.


To get a better idea of ​​the possibilities offered by this sailboat, consult our outings and cruises with skipper page and discover our offers.

First 20 " Sausalito ":

Small, well-equipped, habitable marine sailboat


Outing with skipper, 120.- / hour

(Lower prices according volume booked)

Sous Voile
Nav au couché
Le Gouter
Ferler avec A.Cath
Ponton Bellevue Saint Gingolph
first 20 interieur
First 20 vue cockpit
Spi Asy Sausalito
Sausalito & Spi Asy
Polish Sausalito
Sortie du soir Sausalito
Sausalito Saint Gingolph France



Capacity 6 people

Length: 6.25 m

Width: 2.48 m

Draft: 1.80 to 0.70 m

Displacement: 1245 kg

Main Sail 15.80 m2

Jib: 8.30 m2

Asymmetric spinnaker 25 m2

Honda outboard engine

Built in 2013 by the Bénéteau shipyard according to a design by the Finot Group, this very well designed modern sailboat marvellously combines spaciousness, performance and safety.


Ideal for a family who would like to discover the pleasures of sailing trips. Thanks to its pivoting keel, it is possible to access shallow areas and schedule swimming with children without problem.


Look no further, this charming boat will be the ideal companion for a sailing trip and a break at anchor near Grangettes beach.

RS Feva Vision " Cumulus ":

Versatile dinghy for relaxation and sport


Outings with monitor 80.- / hour

Cumulus spi
Cumulus spi 2
Dans la baie
Cumulus dans le port
Sortie du port bise

The dinghy is the best way to understand how a sailboat works.

For young and old, this versatile support allows a fun and gentle approach to sailing.


Play with balance, develop your coordination, your flexibility, learn to steer and then let yourself be carried by the wind and discover the joy of gliding sensations as close as possible to the water.


The RS Vision measures 4.55 m and can carry up to 4 people. It has a large sail with automatic reef, a furling jib and an asymmetric spinnaker, or nearly 25 m 2 downwind. So it has everything you need to glide when the wind blows. Don't wait any longer and have your sailing baptism at Le Bouveret.

Hobie Cat 18 Tiger " Cirrus ":

Sport catamaran


Outings with monitor 80.- / hour

HC 18 Tiger Cirrus
Baptême sur Cirrus
Cata et Kite
Trapèze solo 1
Banane régulation assis
Mise à la cape
trapèze solo 2
contre jour
embruns sous bise
pause ballade aux Grangettes
retour bouveret
Mouillage Grangettes

Cirrus, HC 18 Tiger catamaran, 5.50 m long, 2.60 m wide, has 21m 2 of upwind sail and 38m 2 when sailing under spinnaker.



The catamaran is the ultimate "fun" support. The sensations of speed are impressive and those who have tried in a good wind can tell you beautiful memories (and perhaps some frights). Indeed if it is very stable in light airs, imbalance and capsize inevitably happen if you do not know how to manage the power of the machine.

Knowing how to move it forward when the wind is light is more subtle but it is also an opportunity for pretty walks in a lazy way.

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