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Coaching & development,

sail or engine refresher course

How to learn to better handle your boat alone or with a crew?

Whether with the engine or the sail, maneuvering is not always easy when you lack practice. Do you sometimes have some difficulties getting in or out of your berth?

Taking the wind and the environment into account, anticipating the chain of events, understanding your boat and knowing its inertia and characteristics are the sine qua non conditions for safe practice.


Contact me, I would accompany you and put you in confidence. Excellent teacher, I adapt to your way of understanding things and am very patient.

Our rates on your boat:              80.- / hour

Sail or motor Package                 10 h 700.-

                                                       20 h 1300.-


On our sailing boats:                  90.- / hour

                                                       10 h 720.-

                                                       20 h 1440.-

On our motor boats: 100.- / hour

For a first meeting on your boat, we offer you the first hour. We will get started and study your needs. A package is valid for 1 year.

Topics covered according to your expectations and your entry level

- Seamanship

- Prepare maneuvers , communicate

- Exit and enter the place

- Master the wander of the boat

- Dunnage (distribution of hull-cabin volumes and wind resistance)

- Influence of the propeller pitch

- Boat rotation in tight spaces (180 °, 360 °)

- Berthing along a quay

- Parking forward or backward how and why

- Negotiate the waves


- Rig, degrade the sails, in the trunk or on the way to the engine

- Gaits and adjustments, headwind tacking maneuvers or jibe

- Sending and lowering of the Spinnaker (symmetrical or asymmetrical)

- Navigation in light, medium or strong wind conditions, reefing

- Take a reef: when, why and how

- The collision route

- The priorities

- Emergencies on board


- Understanding of weather phenomena which influence navigation conditions,

- When to leave and when to return? Choose its output as a function of time

- Maneuvers overboard and recovery by sail or engine

- Pairing with another boat or towing
- Weather, navigation, settings


And many more themes ...

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